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Our Company

A person’s home is often their most valued asset. We believe the high commissions charged by traditional Estate Agents are both excessive and antiquated. In an age of digitalisation, technology has made the process of buying and selling property significantly less expensive. It was on this basis that OnePointFive was formed.

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Estate agent commission worldwide has seen a gradual decline over time, with levels now ranging between 0.75% to 2.25%, particularly so in the developed world. However, in South Africa the status quo has persisted and nothing has changed for the last 50 years, where fees can range anything between 5-7% excluding VAT.

The reduced expenses associated with advertising and enhanced developments in technology has enabled OnePointFive to break away from the mould of the traditional Estate Agent. These benefits are passed onto the Seller by only charging a fixed rate of 1.5% (plus VAT) on the successful sale of your home. On the sale of a R10,000,000.00 home for example, the saving to the Seller is up to R632,000.00 (factoring VAT which is now payable on a lower commission).

Despite a highly advanced and easy to use platform, we still very much of the belief, that there is the necessity for human interaction, a professional and personal feel. Buying and selling a home can be emotional, and if not familiar with the process, it can be sometimes daunting, as with the technology offered, when it shouldn’t have to be.

It is for this reason, we give you the option of using either utilising our in person face to face traditional estate agent service at no extra cost or to utilise our platform – the choice is yours.

If you decide to make use of our technology, then our innovative and cutting-edge platform allows for a far more streamlined and transparent process, including online signing of a mandate and the ability to easily negotiate in real time an Offer to Purchase (OTP). The system allows for full integration between all parties involved, to include the Seller, the Buyer, OnePointFive, Conveyancing Attorneys, Mortgage Brokers and Compliance Companies.

The founders of OnePointFive.

Peter Stenslunde

Peter Stenslunde


Peter Stenslunde

Damian Barnard


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Our Mission

To provide our clients with exceptional value for money, without compromise to quality or service, via our exclusive 1.5% commission and innovative tech-powered platform.

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Our Vision

Through cutting-edge technology, premium service, and a passion for redefining norms, we aspire to be the industry leader, enabling homeowners to retain more value from their property transactions whilst revolutionizing the way homes are sold.

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Our Values

Honesty, Professionalism, Transparency, Innovation, Entrepreneurism, Technology, Empowering our Clients.